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You want to generate more leads on online but...

  • Your current system does not generate the expected amount of leads consistently.

  • Managing the different applications including CRM, Social Media Management, Online Advertising is complicated and expensive.

  • The integration of the different databases is complex, making it difficult to carry out frequent analyses and with the appropriate depth.

  • You require the support of different specialists or marketing agencies to obtain the necessary services.

At Insurance.Agency™

We understand that technology is available to facilitate your business processes, and specifically in your commercial area, it is critical for you:

  • Maintain agile and complete communications with your clients,

  • Analyze in detail the behavior of your customers to increase conversions, keep your customers delighted, and generate new sales,

  • Frequently evaluate your key business and financial indicators to take timely actions.

All this while keeping your employees and business partners motivated, costs controlled, sales growing, profits improving, and the value of your business increasing.

For this reason, at Insurance.Agency™ we have invested an enormous effort, which, thanks to our vast experience in insurance marketing and sales, gives you everything you need to generate more leads and close more sales in one place.

The Insurance.Agency™ System

Insurance.Agency™ is a digital platform focused on online insurance marketing and sales, where you get:

  • An optimized website

  • An optimized system for generating and qualifying leads

  • The virtual storefront of your insurance business in 1-click

  • A dashboard that allows you to integrate all digital marketing, sales, and other optional applications that your business requires to automate processes

  • With 1-click, you also choose to access the consulting services of our digital marketing experts

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Who We Are

Insurance.Agency™ Team

Our team has over 100 years of collective global insurance, marketing and advertising experience including as agents and owners for major brands and independent organizations, as well as marketing, advertising and technology executives for some of the biggest and most well known clients in the world.

Insurance.Agency™ Principles

We are focused on performance, measured by financial success of our clients.  As investors in marketing, advertising, customer acquisition and technology, we understand that the value for our clients is in the bottomline.  We are aligned in this initiative and have designed our entire corporate culture and client experience on these principles.

At Insurance.Agency™ — It’s all about the numbers.

We help you drive profits by driving 2 powerful Key Performance Indicators.

  1. Lowering the Cost of Customer Acquisition

  2. Acquiring New Customers Through Optimized Marketing, Advertising and Lead Generation

We achieve these KPI's by using:

  • Proprietary cloud based software called Insurance.Agency PRO™

  • A powerful 4 STEP PROCESS called:  "The System"

"The System" in 4 Steps:

Step One - Analysis & Review

We start with an audit of your current marketing and advertising, and scheduling an appointment to review the comprehensive analysis with one of our experienced Marketing Engineers.

Step Two - Streamline & Strategize

Based on the analysis we prescribe a customized solution powered by cloud based software and focused on the KPI’s: 

  1. Lowering the cost of customer acquisition 

  2. Increasing the volume of leads and customers

Step Three - Growth & Optimization

We drive more customers to your optimized online presence through our lead generation portal and advertising.  More customers at an optimized lower cost of acquisition means more profit. 

Step Four - Report & Automate

We provide a weekly report charting progress, tracking impressions, engagements and leads, and repeat steps one through four while automating whenever possible.  

Client Case Study:

Insurance.Agency™ Los Angeles, California


  • Increased Profit by 300%

  • Decreased Agent Lead to Sale Time by 80%

  • Decreased Customer Acquisition Costs by 975%


  • 394 New Customer Leads

  • Average Customer Lifetime Value of $3000 per Customer

  • 678% ROI

Insurance.Agency PRO™ Professional Community

As a Member of Insurance.Agency PRO™ 

You'll have access to Premiere Marketing and Advertising Services including:

Lead Generation

  • We are experts in Insurance Lead Generation.  
  • We deliver turn key and custom lead packages for your teams needs.  
  • Buy direct from our Lead Portal that comes FREE with any listing on our directory. Order leads in bulk to save.
  • We provide leads in any insurance category, and at any stage of the customer journey.  
  • Based on your needs and campaign requirements, we can provide your team with online form leads, non-exclusive or exclusive, as well as live transfer leads, based on your needs and campaign requirements.

Creative Marketing + Advertising

Our team is strategically  hands on with creative execution and the technical ability to build your online business from scratch including website, creative, branding, marketing and advertising, analytics and more.  Here is a sample of our marketing and advertising capabilities and work focused on driving new customer leads for Insurance.Agency™.

Consumer Facing Billboards + Online Advertisments

  • Over 1 Million+ Impressions per Month

  • High Traffic Billboards Timed to Target Audience for Optimized Reach within Budget Parameters

  • Drove over 300 Customers with Primary Search Traffic + Retargeting

Social Media Retargeting Commercials

  • Targeted Video only after engagement with the website, thus increasing ROI.

  • :15 Second Spots to Optimize Investment and Frequency

  • Served specific regions with Different Graphics for Different Languages and Regional Areas.


Website Design + Branding

  • Created "Join the Family" Slogan

  • Landing Page served over 1M times

  • Drove over 300 New Customers Leads

See Landing Page Here

Public Relations Services & Earned Media

Press Release:  Yahoo Finance

Insurance.Agency named top Insurance Directory to rank higher in Google. Picked up by over 90 publications and viewed over 4000 times by Insurance Industry Professionals.

Read the article in Yahoo Finance

Press Release:  Market Watch

Insurance.Agency positioned for growing Insurance Marketing and Technology demand. Viewed by over 1300 influential journalists including Forbes.com, Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine.

Read the Article in MarketWatch

Insurance.Agency™ News

Have news, will travel.  We feature a 24/7 multi-language news feeds from quality Insurance Newspapers, Magazines, YouTube Channels, Podcasts and Blogs catered to Insurance specific audience.  We also produce original content including Insurance.Agency™ Events & Insurance.Agency™ Podcasts.

We can provide our newsfeeds as well as customized newsfeeds and video content to our clients.  Want a customized newsfeed, event production or video?  Contact us to discuss. 

Learn More About Insurance.Agency™ News

The Bottomline

  • Over 1.6 Million Impressions

  • Over 18,000 new engagements

  • Over 394 Customer Leads

  • Average Closed Customer Lifetime Value -- $3,000+
    • Note:  Results May Vary

Client Testimonials

“The Insurance.Agency dream team delivered. We are thrilled.”

—Mike D., Owner

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